This day is dedicated to the most picturesque and popular places in the city of Vlora by tourists and foreigners .In one day  we will visit the historic center of the town,The island of zvernec and the most beautiful point of this fantastic citty.

We will visit :
1- Island of Zvërnec where the famous Monastery of Santa Maria is located.
2- Castello and Kanina,
3-historical center and the city of Vlora
4- historical museum in the city center

Price included :

  • all taxes
  • Trasport
  • English guide
  • Enturance in the oplaces we visit
  •  Lunch in a restaurant that gives you the opportunity to taste 100% Albanian products with the most spectacular and impressive view of the city and the bay of Vlora in the background.


  1. Vlorë
  2. isola di zvernec
  3. centro storico di valona
  4. piazza dell'indipendenza
  5. castello di Kanina